I would not consider myself at all musically ignorant, but to say i’ve never been musically ignorant is a lie. My love of music spans many genre’s throughout the spectrum, but it hasn’t always been that way. For years I disliked anything country/bluegrass/folk and as a kid I grew up in hicktown Ohio. A place where country music is prominent. 

The last three on this list ring true for me, more so with ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou’, which is an amazing movie. If you’ve never seen it, lets just say it should be added to your queue ASAP! ‘O Brother invokes so many memories of my dad and I. We’ve watched it together umpteen times and can recite numerous lines and scenes . But on to my point…. It wasn’t until the movie came around that I truly garnered an appreciation of country/bluegrass/folk music.

If it wasn’t for my exposure of such music I probably wouldn’t have went on to listen to bands such as Mumford & Sons, City and Color, Angus & Julia Stone, or Hayden to name a few. And I never would have heard “Man of constant sorrow” by Soggy Bottom Boys from the soundtrack which is one mother effin’ badass bluegrass tune!!!

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